About CCOP

CCOP Clergy praying for Hope during the 2009 Unity Week of Prayer

CCOP Covenant

CCOP is a covenant among congregations to work together through collective action in addressing the many problems facing families and congregations in the city.

Unemployment, crime, inadequate housing and healthcare, the unmet needs of our youth and senior citizens are all contrary to the foundations of Judeo-Christian values.  Thus, many people in our community are unable to hear God's call because they have found religion to be irrelevant and impracticle in their everyday lives.

We accept this challenge to take the Bible as a serious guide for involing ourselves in the community in order to promote love and justice and to enhance the dignity of every member of our congregations and community.

The goal of this covenant is to build an organization initially composed of churches that strengthens relationships in each congregation, between congregations and in other parts of the community.  By faith communities identifying and addressing common concerns through the process of community organization, we can put our values into action - not just on the Sabbath, but seven days a week!