Cramer Hill/CCOP Faith Communities to host: Ugliest House Award Ceremony Thursday the 27th

Contestant #1...could this be the winner?

August 25, 2009

2009 Cramer Hill Ugliest House winner to be announced

 The Votes are in and there is an official winner of the Cramer Hill 2009 Ugliest House contest.  To announce the winner Cramer Hill/CCOP faith communities (St. Anthony of Padua and Hope Memorial Baptist) with partner Cramer Hill CDC, will conduct an award ceremony and community action where the winning house will be "crowned" and recommendations made for the winner of this less then prestigious award.  Code Enforcement Director Iraida Afanador and Mayor Gwendolyn Faison will be present at the meeting and given the opportunity to respond and make comments on the recommendations.    

 "Where we can't share who the winner is just yet, we can tell you that it has been abandoned 10 + years, it has been set fire several times, most recently in August 2008," shared Fr. Jud Weiksnar, O.F.M. Pastor at St. Anthony of Padua and CCOP Clergy leader. He added, "The winner is littered with trash, graffiti and aids the drug activity in this block.  In addition to posing an imminent hazard both structurally and in terms of the quality of life of Cramer Hill residents, this property has already been identified and slated for demolition in the Cramer Hill Now Plan." 

The Award Ceremony will begin in the parking lot of St. Anthony Church where participants will then process to the winning contestant for the official "crowning".  The crowning will involve a resident's testimony of the history of the winning house, comments from Manny Delgado about this property and how it fits into the Cramer Hill Now Plan, and the presenting of the following 4 recommendations for this winning house. 

  • Quick Immediate Action: This house is an imminent hazard and therefore needs to be demolished within 48 hours.
  • That this demolition be seen as a step towards the adoption of the Cramer Hill Now Plan
  • That the City of Camden and the State of New Jersey commit to aggressively find the funding necessary to demolish this and other imminent hazards in Camden.
  • That the pilot project of the Abandoned Properties Act developed by the CCDA and other housing groups be adopted and approved.

Following the presentation, Code Enforcement Director Afanador and Mayor Faison will be asked to comment on the recommendations and share what they plan to do. "We are offering the city and state the opportunity to stand with us," said Father Jud.  "We want the city to show Camden residents and more importantly the outside world that as representatives of the City they have heard the legitimate concerns of their constituents and even though this is just one property, it is a symbol that we are moving together in faith to a brighter, cleaner, more beautiful Camden."

Date:Thursday August 27, 2009

Time:11:00 AM - 12 Noon

Location: Ceremony will begin in the parking lot of St. Anthony of Padua Church (2818 River Road).  The "crowning" of the winner will be a procession from the church to the winner, where the remainder of the meeting will take place.

 Dignitaries Confirmed: Code Enforcement Director Iraida Afanador & Mayor Gwendolyn Faison