CCOP Clergy and Religious Leaders to Meet with Governor Corzine: Media Advisory

"So, I conclude by saying again today that we have a task and let us go out with a "divine disatisfaction" - MLK 1967

September 09, 2009


Meeting with Governor Jon Corzine and Camden Faith Community 


Current Governor Jon Corzine;  Rev. Willie Anderson, pastor of Sword of the Spirit Church and Chair of Camden Churches Organized for People (CCOP); Msgr. Robert McDermott, pastor St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral and Co-Chair of CCOP; Personal Testimonies from Residents, including:

Rosa Ramirez (Speaking about her experience as an ERB member, participant in the COO selection committee in 2006, and her years of work to improve Camden)

Shelly McCargo (Has lived next to house that has been abandoned for years, she tires weekly to get someone to come out and stabilize the property due to the many safety, health, and structural hazards)                    

WHEN:          Tuesday, September 15, 2009, 7:00 p.m.

WHERE:        St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral Church, 2907 Federal Street, Camden, NJ


In 2000, twelve hundred people from Camden Churches Organized for People and the Concerned Black Clergy met at St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral to lift-up the "Vision of Camden's Recovery;" the vision read:

 We envision a Camden in which every child would:

  • Receive a well-rounded education
  • Have access to recreation and positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, and street-life
  • Live in a vibrant neighborhood free of abandoned buildings and trash
  • Feel safe in their homes and on the streets of their neighborhood
  • Grow up to have the opportunity to compete for a good job or career paying decent and livable wages
  • And be proud to call Camden home 

Now, seven years into the state takeover; just after the resignations of C.O.O. Judge Davis & Police Diretor Luis Vega; amidst the reappointments of many public officials; and on the verge of a close and influential election year, CCOP and its partners are lifting up what needs to be the focus of Camden's recovery effort moving forward - the well-being of our city's neighborhoods.