Camden Leaders Rally for City to Make Good on Promises to Demolish Inninent Hazards

November 10, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009 Camden Bible Tabernacle/CCOP held a meeting with City Coucil President Angel Fuentes to get a promise of the demolition of 23 imminent hazards.

In the last 5 months CCOP leaders have organized a series of public meetings designed to educate residents and lift-up the concerns of Camden's inninent hazards and abandoned properties.  Leaders have met with the Governor, Departmen of Public Works, Code Enforcement, and local non-profits.  After seeing pictures depicting the terrible conditions of this abadoned house at 713 North 10th street, Governor Corzine said, "this make me want to cry."

Members of North Camden are meeting with their Council Representative, Angel Fuents.  They will call for his commitment to lead city officials in making good on commitments to demolish local imminent hazars within the Ward he represents. 

Shelly Braxton, a resident directly impacted by a dangerous and collapsing abandoned property shared that, "I'm tired and angre at getting the "call-around" by various city departments. She also shared that, "the property next to mine is so bad that our family does not feel comfortable cooking or eathing in our own home because of the bad odors, fleas, roaches and rodents that come from the trash-filled property."  The dangerouls conditions of these abandoned properties threaten the health and safety of the public and the families living near such properties