Senator Menendez Meets with CCOP on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

June 07, 2010

Immigration, like so many national issues is a broad based topic that ecnompasses almost every aspect of government and civic life.  In the city of Camden there is an estimated 20,000 immigrants.  In CCOP each local organizing committee (LOC) has the opportunity to choose and work on whatever issue that is determined and most important to their respective community.  This issue is identified by listening to people's individual stories and then making a determination as to which issue is most broadly affecting the community. 

For several of CCOP's local organizing committees "immigration" and the many nuanced issues associated with it (public safety, quality of life, etc...) has been lifted up as a major concern.  Because of this, these LOC's have come together to work collectivly.  This team is doing the work of organizing my doing one to one's with their communities, conducting research with key political and private leaders, and eventually will move to begin taking action. 

June 3rd the team had the opportunity to have an intimate research meeting with US Senator Robert Menendez, to better understand his stance on immigration and to get a picture of what is happening on the Federal level. 

CCOP as a citywide organization has not made an official stance on the immigration issue, the issues and concerns raised at this point are the result of the work of CCOP's local leaders and local organizing committees. 

Until CCOP citywide has made an official determination on where it stands with the National Issue we would like to point you to what other affiliates in the PICO Network have used as their position.  The current CCOP local immigraiton team is using this as a template to begin their work. 

Top 5 PICO Priorities

  • Family Unity and Reunification
  • Legalization and a Pathway to Citizenship
  • The DREAM Act. Legalization for immigrant students who came here as small children
  • Due Process for Immigrants: No unwarranted arrests or detainment, No detention without charges, The right to a lawyer and to a speedy trial
  • Workers' Rights: Fair and humane treatment, Fair Wages, Safe working conditions