Camden City Council Call on NJ Municipalities to Join the fight against drug markets

City Council Votes at the July 13th Council Meeting

August 03, 2010

City Council votes unanimously in support of Assembly bill 2416

"I'm tired of seeing dealers in my neighborhood," shared a teen from East Camden and youth leader from St. Joseph's Pro-Cathedral CCOP team.  Following the testimony the CCOP representatives gave each City Council Member and the Mayor a packet of 80 personal letters from Camden teens and parents.   

Entitled "Testimonies from the street; stories of what it is like to live among drug markets" the collection features the personal letters that campture the entire gamet of NJ residents who are adversely affected by the drug markets. 

Following the public comments, Camden City Council voted is support of the resolution which was sponsored by the entire city council.  The specific resolution calls for the following:

Be it resolved by the City Council of Camden that in the interests of protecting the safety of Camden's residents, if fully supports Assemblyman Fuente's recently introduced Assembly Bill No. 2416...the City of Camden hereby encourages all applicable municipalities in the State of New Jersey to support Assembly Bill No. 2416 in the interest of public safety for their constituencies." 

Council President Frank Moran said, "I want my fellow New Jersey Municipalites to follow Camden's lead and pass similar resolutions."

CCOP leaders plan to work with the Camden City Council to take this challenge and work to get other NJ Municipalities to adopt and vote upon similar resolutions.  Where the leaders do not expect to run into opposition for such resolutions or the actual legislation, folks are concerned that such an important bill does not get voted upon due to the number of economic challenges that face all of NJ. 

"This is a change we all agree upon Independent, Democrate, Republican, or whatever you are," shared Mrs. Rosa Ramirez, St. Joseph's CCOP leader.  "My concern is that because the economics in our state are so challenging right now that this bill gets pushed to the side, leaving our neighborhoods and our police department without the tools they need to make things safer."

If you want your municipality to join in the fight contact the CCOP office at 856-966-8869 and ask to speak with Organizer Kate Goodman (