Camen City Council voices opinion against Arizona

July 13th City Council meeting

August 03, 2010

City Council to Vote on Resolution in Support of Nationwide Immigration Reform

A diverse team of CCOP leaders representing their specific faith communities were present July 13th to watch Camden City Council pass a resolution in favor of humane treatment of immigrant communities.  5 different leaders representing the continents of Africa, Europe, North American, and South America, all gave personal testimony and urged council to approve the resolution. 

The resolution that council was reviewing was the fruits of a CCOP team having met with Council President June 23rd where they handed him draft resoltuions from other states that he could work with and use to develop a Camden resolution.  The key points of the resolution read:

  • That the Camden City Council declares its opposition to Arizona SB1070, Arizona H.B.2281
  • That the Camden City Council urges President Obama to put an end to 287(g) program
  • That the Camden City Council urges President Obama and Congress to pass S.1549 "Protect Citizens and Residents from Unlawful Detention Act" & S.1550 "Strong Safe Treatment, Avoiding Needless Deaths, and Abuse Reduction in the Detention System" (STANDARDS) Act

A week before the council meeting the team again met wtih Council President Moran, previewed the resolution and agreed to mobilize a team the day of the vote.  In addition to brining a representative body, CCOP leaders also brought along a staff person for Senator Menendez who has worked closely with CCOP over the past year.  She also addressed City Council, acknowledged them for their bold resoltuion and thanked CCOP for getting the ball rolling. 

Following the vote, Council President Moran gave an impassioned speech denouncing Arizona and challening all NJ municipalities to follow Camden's lead.  "As a Latino American I do not want to be pulled over by the cops just because I fit the part, no minorities in Camden or this country should have to deal with this."  

For a copy of the resolution or if you are interested in getting your local municipality to follow in Camden's lead please call the CCOP office at 856-966-8869 and ask to speak with Edward Livingston, or email him at