Resources for Congregations

Beyond the Good Samaritan

July 09, 2009  |  Download PDF

It is the intent of this article to provide readers with an understanding of the Congregation-Community Based Model of organizing which is currently prevalent in major cities across the country. To understand the rationale of why there is need to organize, the article provides an initial examination of the landscape of America's cities where the organizing occurs. This is followed by a brief discussion on the role of Faith Traditions and Values in shaping the empowerment-based Congregation-Community Based Organization (CCBO) form of organizing. This section is succeeded by a discussion on the vision and challenge of Democracy. In turn, the article presents an examination of the CCBO model and its components, including a case illustration of its significance for individuals, families and community alike. Finally, this work concludes with a discussion on Collaboration. This will include an examination of the strengths and weakness of CCBO to initiate, engage in, and sustain cooperative ventures with other types of organizations. The effects of a Congregation-Community Based Organization's activities on youth are indirectly illustrated through examples of issues addressed by these organizations. In particular, further examples of issues relating to children/youth will be discussed in the final section on Collaboration.