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The Survey of Camden's Recovery - 2009

January 25, 2010  |  Download PDF

On behalf of CCOP's leaders and member institutions we are honored to share with you the following report on The Survey of Camden's Recovery - 2009, a project that many of our partners and collaborators helped us bring together.

From this survey analysis and the culmination of our organizing over the past 5 months, CCOP would like to offer the following recommendations:

1. The State to fund a second round of CHIP, the successful Camden Home Improvement Program

2. Mayor Elect Redd to share publicly the goals of her first 100 days in office (i.e. Improved Customer Service across the board at City Hall, Department Heads attending all City Council Meetings, etc...)

3. Following the best practices of Newark's Mayor, Mayor Elect Redd commit to publicly giving an Annual State of the City address that is open to the public and allows for some public interaction.

4. In six key areas (Public Safety, Education, Housing, Healthcare, Jobs, and Neighborhood Services) the State, City, Community, and Stakeholders need to develop the following structur

  • Two-year "stretch" goals
  • Lead-up benchmarks for each stretch goal
  • An explicit strategy to meet each benchmark
  • A public timetable for all goals and benchmarks

We hope and pray that you read this report carefully, for it captures a snap-shot of what people were feeling during the summer of 2009.  We understand that survey's are an important tool, but are limited in that they only tell part of the story.  We do not intend this report to give the breadth and depth of the average Camden resident's quality of life.  There is no substitute for the slow and respectful work of sitting down with someone in their own home and listening to what life is like in his or her shoes day after day.